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In today’s world you and your family no longer have to be vulnerable to active shooter situations or terrorist attacks. BallisticBackpackPanel.com is pleased to offer the lightweight and innovative design of the Angel Armor Ally One® Ballistic Panel. The Ally One® is a NIJ Standard 0108.01 Threat Protection (Level IIIA) ballistic rated panel that you can place in the bag, briefcase or backpack of your choice to protect you and your loved ones from a broad range of ballistic threats.

Make the investment today in you and your family’s personal protection.

Work ● School ● Travel


Peace of Mind

Whether you are headed out to see clients close to your office or you travel internationally the lightweight and TSA compliant Ally One® will give you the Peace of Mind that if something were to happened you would be able to protect yourself.

Innovative Product Design

The Ally One® comes in four (4) convenient sizes 8” x 11”, 9” x 12”, 10” x 13” and 11” x 16”. At only .16” thick the panel weighs about 1 lb or less depending upon the size. Give yourself and your family the advantage by inserting an Ally One® in your bag today.



Ease of Use

The Ally One® quickly inserts into any bag with pockets from 8” x 11” to 11” x 16”. The Ally One® is so lightweight that you will forget it is there. Even younger children are able to carry the panel and can be taught its proper use. Aren’t you and your family worth the investment in a ballistic panel?